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Design dealer Gregory Ducharme has been buying, collecting, and selling rare and offbeat vintage design in Detroit for the past ten years.  What began as a passion for mid-century and post-modern design has led to a career as a buyer of both vintage textiles and modern home decor.  

2015 marked the conception of Gregory’s lifestyle brand Good Medicine.  The line began with handmade leather goods and a selection of rare vintage pieces.  It has since expanded to encompass the work of talented silversmiths as well as an in-house line of candles.  Good Medicine now operates as a wholesale company and an e-commerce presence.

Gregory asserts his dedication to design in the community by executing pop-up shops, curating products for retailers such as SMPLFD in Detroit’s Eastern Market, and through his presence in the exclusive Oddfellows Antiques.  He continues to enhance Detroit’s retail landscape by highlighting the relationship between vintage and contemporary design with an emphasis on craftsmanship.